1st Five

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For Families:

1st Five is a NO COST service program through FAMILY, Inc.  We are here to help children and families in many ways.

We can assist with:

  • Helping to check if your child is developing appropriately
  • Counseling
  • Addressing any concerns you have with your child’s speech
  • Communication with physician
  • Financial assistance
  • Help with housing and employment
  • Connecting to community resources
  • And much more…

How can 1st Five help you?

1st Five will connect your family to resources in the community. If there are any issues that affect your family or your child’s development and you would like some help with those issues, the doctor’s office contacts 1st Five. A Development Support Specialist will call you to get more information about your concerns and help you to find the support or services you need in the community. 1st Five also lets your doctor know which resources you used. 1st Five has no income guidelines and there is no fee for participating in the program. For more information: 2017 1st Five Parent Brochure_, Community Partners to family RX pad 1st Five Pad or contact Jenny Sharrick at jsharrick@familyia.org or (712)256-9566 Ext 203.


1st Five Model


For Providers:

1st Five is a public-private partnership bridging primary care and public health services in Iowa. The 1st Five model supports health providers in the earlier detection of social-emotional and developmental delays and family risk-related factors in children birth to 5 and coordinates referrals, interventions and follow-up. This is done through an enhanced, short-term care coordination model, connecting families to resources in their community. The goal is for all Iowa children to grow to be happy, healthy, and safe.

The benefit of 1st Five to providers is that there is now a one-stop shop for referrals for a wide-variety of concerns plus you will learn which resources the family has actually accessed and used and which resources they have not. There is continual communication between 1st Five Developmental Support Specialists and providers to keep updated on the status of their patient. Additionally, 1st Five provides free continuing education credits monthly, and drive-by consultation with specialists such as pediatric psychiatrists, developmental specialists and dietitians. For more information, contact Jenny Sharrick at jsharrick@familyia.org or (712)256-9566 Ext 203.