Maternal Child Health

FAMILY is the Title V Maternal Child Health provider for Pottawattamie and Mills Counties.  Through this program, free in-home visits are provided by a Registered Nurse to all expecting and new parents to help families bring healthy babies into the world.  The program continues to support health and wellness through the Child Health program through age 21 which includes regular medical, dental, vision and hearing checkups as well as information about immunizations, growth, nutrition, development and healthy lifestyles.

Maternal Child Nursing Visits In-home nursing visits focus on both newborn care and maternal care. The visits include assessment, discussion, and education to promote a healthy mom and baby with topics including but not limited to infant feeding, infant oral health, recognizing illness, safe sleep practices, hygiene, well-child care, family planning, maternal physical changes etc. Breastfeeding education, support, and encouragement are crucial in the postpartum period, which is a focal point during the visits. FAMILY also offers prenatal nursing visits for expectant mothers. Call Katie at 712-256-9566, ext. 209 to schedule a newborn or prenatal nursing visit.

Care for Kids Program Care for Kids is Iowa’s Early Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment (EPSDT) program for children who are on Medicaid.  The focus of this program is to assure that children from birth to age 20 receive preventive health services such as well-child exams, immunizations, lead screenings, dental & vision exams. A Care for Kids staff member will contact the parent or guardian of a child who is newly eligible for Medicaid to explain these services & offer needed assistance, such as obtaining medical & dental providers or various community resources.  Enrollment in the Care for Kids Program qualifies those same children for transportation to & from medical or dental appointments. For more information on the Care For Kids Program, please contact the Iowa Department of Public Health or visit on-line at  FAMILY also provides specialized therapies for infant mental health and maternal depression, including listening visits and Interpersonal Psychotherapy.  For more information please contact Lee at 712-256-9566, ext. 210 or

Child Care Nurse Consultation As part of FAMILY’s Maternal and Child Health Program, a Child Care Nurse Consultant is available to assist child care providers with the Quality Rating System process or to simply improve individual child care business quality. The services offered can be done in child care homes or centers and they include: Injury Prevention Checklists, Child Record Reviews, Health and Safety Assessments, Consultation, Trainings, and Technical Assistance. The role of the Child Care Nurse Consultant is to help improve the quality of child care. Katie Bonnet, BSN received her Child Care Nurse Consultant Certificate of Completion in June 2017.  Katie is now fully trained and ready to help child care providers in Pottawattamie & Mills Counties. Child Care Nurse Consulting Services are provided in Mills County with the help of a grant from Boost 4 Families.  For more information please contact Katie at 712-256-9566, ext. 209 or

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1st Five Healthy Mental Development Program